The Church of the Nazarene is considered by the Christian community to be an evangelical church. We believe that each person can and must have a personal encounter with Christ, whereby, through repentance and faith their sins are forgiven. We also believe, like all evangelical churches that after our conversion to Christ, when we are freed from the guilt of committed sins, there still remains the nature or condition of sin. This is called “original sin” or “depravity”. This is why John Wesley taught (and the Church of the Nazarene believes) that after we receive Christ as our Savior and experience the forgiveness of sins committed, we must go on to a second experience that deals with the nature of sin. Here we consecrate, that is, surrender or dedicate our complete selves (mind, emotions and will) to God (Romans 12:1-2), and through faith receive the cleansing of our hearts by the incoming presence of the Holy Spirit. With cleansing comes and empowerment to live a victorious life and to serve God effectively (Acts 1:8)

We believe:

  1. In One God . . . the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. That the Bible is the Word of God and contains all truth necessary to faith and Christian Living.
  3. That all people are born with a sinful nature and are, therefore, inclined to sinful actions.
  4. That those who refuse to repent are hopelessly and eternally lost, without God.
  5. That those who trust in Christ alone for their salvation, through repentance and faith, are adopted into the family of God with the hope of heaven.
  6. That following their conversion, believers may be sanctified wholly, through consecration and faith, and cleansed from the sinful nature.
  7. That the Holy Spirit confirms in our lives, both the work of salvation and entire sanctification.
  8. That Christ will return and the final judgment will take place.